Fabrice and Allison

Fabrice and Alison met in a meditation class in San Diego. Fabrice is from Marseille, France and Alison is from Columbus, Ohio. Both of us had been out of work for awhile and considered a change in careers. While we were in Europe, we both noticed the cafes–the warmth, the old fashioned look and feel of them, and from there we decided to create our own version in San Diego.

Although we both knew how we wanted the business to look and feel, we had yet to decide on what exactly we wanted to provide to our customers. We thought of an ice cream parlor, a cake shop, and even a retail candy store. With Fabriceʼs French background and Alisonʼs interest and experience in cooking, we finally settled on the idea of crepes, a food item that is relatively new to San Diego. We both felt as if Little Italy chose us, and when we found our site on India Street, we fell in love with the concept.

From the floor to the ceiling, Fabrisonʼs was carefully created by our friends and family. Fabriceʼs mother sent photos of authentic European cafes, including color swatches. Our friends Jon Wickersham and Rob Rice constructed all the woodwork and design, while Alisonʼs brother-in-law, Jeff Durkee painted the entire place in under four days. Alisonʼs mother, a custom curtain maker, just recently put the final touch on the windows with the French pastoral and gingham checked curtains. The remarkable floor was installed by an old co-worker of Fabriceʼs, a talented twenty-two year old named Brett Griffits. And the painting on the window? Done by an artist out of New York City named Derek Little.

Responding to our customerʼs requests, we soon found that people wanted something quick, fast, affordable, yet unique to their sophisticated tastebuds–quite a challenge for a recession based climate. Quickly Fabrisonʼs installed an espresso machine and started working on ideas for a crepe menu. Although some of the items are decidedly not French, many of them maintain the flavors of French cuisine. On the menu, youʼll find the French Delight, a salami and ham sandwich with butter and cornichons, and of course, all the sweet crepes… We at Fabrisonʼs appreciate your business and feedback, fueling our expansion and passion to deliver great food. Thank you for choosing to spend time here and thank you for returning.


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